About Brian

Hello there, my name is Brian. I’m a Business Consultant at Dale Carnegie Training, and I’m here to help individuals and businesses accomplish their goals by transforming their methods of communication and leadership.

Growing up, my dream was to be an entrepreneur. Life wasn’t easy in a large, scattered family, but I learned from a young age how to survive on my own.  At age 19 I met a few amazing men who believed in me and taught me how to take my survival skills and turn them into invaluable life and business skills.

Over thirteen years have gone by since, and I’ve used the same altruistic philosophies those men taught me to start nonprofits, businesses, and movements all over the country. I’ve been blessed with the greatest partners, staff, and clients at Dale Carnegie Training, The Rand Company and The Bakery. Along the way I’ve also been blessed to travel around the world, consult multi-million dollar companies, share my message on many platforms, and watch my beautiful family grow around me.

My greatest hope in life is to be half the man my father (pictured to the right) is.  From raising his siblings in Boston, to serving in Vietnam, to putting up with my crazy youth, he’s been a servant through it all.  He is currently battling many forms of cancer and reminds me daily to keep things simple, don’t stress, and enjoy every minute.  If you could say a prayer for my paps, we’d appreciate it.  Love ya dad!

If I have the opportunity of meeting you in person I’m going to listen to your ideas, challenge your goals, and push you to never give up pursuing your dreams.

Have a blessed day,


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