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You want stronger relationships while operating at a sustainable pace.  You know that the key to having greater impact isn’t just getting more done.  Perhaps we could help you improve your approach to relationships and leadership through one of these formats:

Dale Carnegie Training helps emerging and established professionals strengthen relationships and influence others. By improving your confidence, communicating in terms of other people’s interests, and more intentionally applying human relationship skills, you’ll increase your impact.

We offer public and private courses – both in person and virtually – in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Presentation skills
  • Team engagement
  • Customer service
  • Sales effectiveness
  • Process improvement

We can work together individually or in a small group to establish a clear definition of current reality and a feasible path toward a desired vision. At times, everyone needs to process ideas and to receive encouragement and accountability. While you can make progress alone, working with others will allow you to build and sustain momentum.

Whether it’s employed for clarifying organizational direction, planning change, or working through difficult dynamics, professional facilitation can increase collaboration, clarity, culture, and consensus. Using proven techniques in creating a safe and open environment, we will help you progress through the tough issues faster and take advantage of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Keynote speeches and workshops can energize and motivate teams. Whether the group is large or small, we can create an event that is marked by substance, inspiration and action. Watch this example of how a speaking event can create impact for an audience.

People are more engaged in an organization that has aligned vision, goals and activities. Too often organizations are unclear on direction, compete in priorities, and lack transparency on progress. The solution might be to establish meaningful goals at each level of leadership – goals that cascade down from a clear organizational focus. After goals are aligned, systems and cadences should be implemented to ensure ongoing transparency, clarity and progress. We can work together to set, communicate, align and sustain the priorities that are most important.

I would love to talk with you about how any of these areas might benefit you and your organization.  Please contact me at or 605.310.4259!


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